A New Flag for Abbotsford

It’s time for a symbol to represent the new growth that is blooming in the valley: The Flower Flag.


A Bloom in the Valley

Abbotsford is one of the fastest-growing cities in all of Canada, and has been known in the past as the “Hub of the Fraser Valley”. This new flag is a symbolic depiction of Abbotsford as the centre of the valley’s economic and population bloom.

The green represents the agricultural fields, meadows, and forests that lie within our great city. The green was also derived from the flag of the District of Matsqui (which amalgamated with the District of Abbotsford in June 1995).

The strawberry plant (Fragaria sp.) is called a “fraise” in heraldry. It is a pun on “Fraser” for Simon Fraser, the fur trader/explorer who mapped much of British Columbia, for whom the valley and river were named in about 1808. The plant also represents the strawberry itself, an important agricultural product of the area.

The Flower Flag

Flower Flag

Drawn From History

All the elements in the new flag build upon the previous flag, while removing unnecessary colours, elements, and details to create a timeless and powerful symbol of growth that can be easily adapted for many uses including crests, seals, merchandise, and signage.

Abbotsford Flag
Current Flag
Flower Flag
Flower Flag

The Flag in Action

The Flower Flag can be a recognizable flag seen anywhere from a water tower to a button on a backpack. It provides a strong set of colours, and a graphic symbol that represents the past, present, and future of this growing community.

Flower Flag
Flower Flag Pin
Flower Flag Water Tower
Flower Flag Tote Bag

Does This Check Out?

Flags need to meet a few basic design principles to work.